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Summer Reading Challenge

Challenging myself to read Social Justice theory and history this summer.

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“Stay in Your Lane”

Stay In Your Lane   One of the common phrases/sentiments I’m seeing on Twitter in the wake of the Charleston shooting is that people should “stay in their own lanes”. Mostly I’m seeing Black and non-Black anti-racist folks saying this to White people. I have a few thoughts on this phenomenon that I would like […]

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Women & Influence Conference 2011

I will be attending Women’s Way’s Annual Women & Influence Conference 2011 this Saturday in Philadelphia. See here for more information. I will be live-tweeting as well. I will post my reactions afterward. If you’re there, say hi! Share this:

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PA Progressive Summit: Wrap-Up

Now that I’ve had a week to reflect on my experiences at the PA Progressive Summit, I wanted to share my reflections on it.

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PA Progressive Summit: Day 1 Thoughts

Today was the first day of the summit, and I wanted to share my thoughts on the day. The Summit opened with remarks from several individuals including Senator Bob Casey; Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America; and Leo Gerard, International President, United Steelworkers. All three gave very compelling and inspirational remarks about focusing on the […]

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Words Matter

A topic that I have been mulling over lately is the power of language. Specifically, words or phrases that are demeaning to certain groups of people or that are violent in nature. I believe we all have a responsibility to think before we speak, and to be mindful of the effect our words may have. […]

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My Story

A common theme in activism circles is “tell your story” workshops. Many believe that one of the best tools we have for connecting with others and persuading them to support our causes is to tell our stories

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Welcome to Intersectional Activism!

Welcome to the blog!

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