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Summer Reading Challenge


Challenging myself to read Social Justice theory and history this summer.

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“Stay in Your Lane”


Stay In Your Lane   One of the common phrases/sentiments I’m seeing on Twitter in the wake of the Charleston shooting is that people should “stay in their own lanes”. Mostly I’m seeing Black and non-Black anti-racist folks saying this to White people. I have a few thoughts on this phenomenon that I would like […]

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Creating Change 1/28/2012


Today was the second full day of workshops at Creating Change 2012. The conference so far has been incredible. I have had opportunities to have some really interesting conversations. I started off this morning in a workshop called “The 90 minute master’s in social change.” This workshop covered social movements, policymaking and policy analysis as […]

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Creating Change 01/27/2012


Yesterday was the first full day of the Creating Change 2012 conference. The previous two days included some workshops, a congressional lobby day, and an opening plenary Thursday night where we heard from Ben Jealous, President and CEO of the NAACP, about his experience as an activist for both the civil rights and lgbt movements. […]

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Slut Walk Philadelphia


On Saturday, August 6th, 2011, I attended Slut Walk Philadelphia. The Slut Walk movement began in Toronto in January when a cop told a group of female students that if they didn’t want to get raped they should not dress like sluts.

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Is Street Canvassing Still a Useful Tactic?


An examination of street canvassing as a fundraising tool.

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Call for Stories: What is Your Relationship With Fashion and Body Image?


This intersection between the fashion and beauty industries and self expression and/or body image is one that I am really struggling with. Personally, I am secure enough in my sense of self and body image that I can enjoy fashion — especially shopping and picking out outfits, occasionally magazines or trend-following — as a hobby […]

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Women Money Power Summit Recap


I spent Friday and Saturday in Washington, DC at the Women Money Power Summit hosted by the Feminist Majority and YWCA USA. There were actually two conferences I considered attending this weekend, the other being the Civil Leadership & Public Policy (CLPP) 30th anniversary conference in Amherst, MA. I chose the Women Money Power Summit for two reasons. First, I decided it would be easier to get to and around DC than Amherst, especially since I don’t drive. Secondly, I made a guess that Women Money Power might be more action-oriented, where CLPP might be more theoretical. Did I make the right decision? There is no way for me to know that. There certainly have been some amazing tweets coming out of the CLPP conference. That said, I had a wonderful time in DC at the summit. The agenda was fairly inclusive and broad-based, the attendees ranged widely in age and race (but not gender — I saw virtually no male attendees). As I anticipated, the conference definitely had an actualizing air to it. Many workshops were focused on how what could be done immediately and in the near future on many of the issues that were discussed. I will recap below the sessions I attended and what I learned each day.

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Women, Money, Power Summit


I am in DC through Saturday evening to attend the Women, Money, Power summit. I am very excited to be at this conference. I will be live-tweeting throughout the summit, and as usual I will post a recap afterwards. Conference info here. Follow me on Twitter @jboschan. Share this:

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What Not To Wear and Gender Conformity


As many people who know me or follow me on Twitter can attest to, I am a huge fan of the television show What Not To Wear. I have been watching this show since the beginning — back before they replaced the original male stylist or eliminated male contributors (note: the person they make over […]

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